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Dale Coutts

Introducing Dale Coutts …
Here’s 11 Important Things You Should Know About Dale and How He Can Assist You


  1. Want BIG Vision; then try this - "To Lead and Inspire every person in the world to achieve just one thing that they thought that was not possible". This is the Vision of Dale, and as he speaks to business groups each year, in his Enthusiastic, Inspiring and Enjoyable style, he takes another step toward his goal. If you get an opportunity to see Dale in full flight, then take it. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Before commencing his consulting business, Dale was into winning and nothing has changed. Dale has been awarded State, Australasian and Global accolades in past years.


  1. Dale’s highly motivated style will challenge the heights that you believe you are capable of, and will become a trustworthy guide to building the business you know is possible. You will also find his openness and honesty refreshing in todays’ business environment.


  1. Dale has studied in sales & marketing, communications, people behaviours, performance management, plus a whole lot more, which means he has been educated to confuse people should the need arise!... However Dale prefers a practical consulting style, because business is about doing the basics well, which, although a simple concept is often lost in business today.


  1. He has both a commercial background in the corporate sector as well as having his Consulting Business. His corporate background has allowed an insight into how businesses make the transition from growth to maturity.  


  1. His commercial experience includes heading up the Sales and Marketing Departments, leading a large team towards achieving some truly impressive successes against competitors. Some of these successes include turning a sales force from making a $100k plus loss to a $130k plus profit in just 18 months.


  1. Business development has been a feature of Dale’s business from day 1. Adding over $1 million in bottom line profit to his clients’ bottom line in recent years. You better buckle yourself in for the ride; you're dealing with a go-getter.


  1. Current clients, include one client whose turnover improved 400% in the first 8 months of working together, while other clients see conversion rates and sales soar. Not to mention those who now have a better understanding of what it is that makes their business thrive, not just go through the motions and survive.


  1. Taking teams, businesses and individuals to new levels is his passion and whether the business is large, small or you are an individual wanting to grow and develop is of no consequence to Dale. Providing you have a Passion for Growth and Development, the fit will be a good one.


  1. Dale has presented for Global Organisations, and is always available for engagements to get you or your team thinking differently. Assisting clients from all around the world to grow and develop is Dales’ reward. There truly is a depth of understanding and knowledge of "HOW TO" make YOUR business achieve amazing results.


11.   Always a family man, Dale lives and works from Ballarat, Regional Victoria, proving that you can have a far reaching impact and a lifestyle. me and tell me more!!

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