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To whom it may concern…

I met Dale Coutts at a Global Conference in Port Douglas in August 2004. Dale was one of the keynote speakers. His presentation was entitled “You’re so much better than you think you are”.

At that time, my business was ticking along nicely, but I knew that there was more I could do. I was just scared of doing the one thing that would take it to the next level – getting on stage and presenting to my clients – I had a deep-seated fear of public speaking. What if I screw up? What if I make a fool of myself? What if I forget what to say? What if, what if….you get the picture. And all the while, I knew I was holding myself back.

Hearing Dale’s excellent presentation and his own story about how he stepped up (in my opinion he was the best of the 6 or so presenters at the conference) and about raising the bar for ourselves and releasing and realizing our potential was the inspiration and encouragement I needed to step up.

Within six months I had increased the revenues in my business by 30% through seminar presentations (which yielded clients). Four of these seminars were hosted by Barclays Corporate Banking, the local Chamber of Commerce and also a firm of City accountants. Now that would never have happened without Dale’s encouragement and assistance. Not only that, I was able to fulfill one of the goals I has set myself – to become a Global Trainer and join the elite team that puts new franchisees from around the world through their Induction Training in Las Vegas. And finally, I was able to MC the two day European Conference for 80 business owners at Loughborough University as well as being a keynote speaker, like Dale at a European Conference in 2005 and 2006. More recently, I have gone on to join the Professional Speakers Association and have my first paid engagement this week when I will be addressing 100 business owners at the re-launch of a hotel in the City of London.


What Dale has assisted me to do is conquer my fears of public speaking and realize my potential, both personally and financially and make what seemed insurmountable, enjoyable and fun. Now I can’t tell you to work with Dale. That has to be your choice. All I know is that I would be saying-“Dale, what do we need to do to get started? Let’s go for it!”

Dale – you’re an inspiration. Dale, thank you.

Mark Grant
London, United Kingdom


Dale has helped us achieve many things that then led us to opening our second bakery.

A second bakery was a goal that we had had for a long time, but as time went by, it seemed more and more impossible. A combination of many things, systemising, recruitment, positive attitude, were all issues that Dale taught us to control- as before we knew Dale, it seemed that our business was spiraling out of control. It seems hard to grasp some of Dale's systems, but they do work once you get out of your comfort zone, and begin to trust "something different". A combination of the above was instrumental in the opening of our second bakery.

Colin Matthews & Alicia Duck
Victoria, Australia

Hi Dale,

Thanks for helping me get back on the bike. After starting my business almost 8 months ago, I had some great wins and then some major losses. I was ready to give it up and move on. After a few sessions with you, I turned all that around. When you taught me to ask the questions and not “TELL” I had a major mind shift. That next week I got two new leads and two new clients. The major lessons I get from you each time is BE ME, and to keep up the intensity. I need to keep marketing my business so that when I turn the tap on I get a result.

I have learnt that people buy people and then the service or product. Thanks for the lessons and the kick in the butt.

Edy Wilfling
Queensland, Australia


Tim has helped grow our vision witch has enabled us to expand our business.
When we first met Tim we had no employees and were unsure where we were heading with our business.
We now have 2 full time employees and a book keeper. Our turnover has increased by 75% and we now look forward into the future.
The 3 main areas Tim has helped us in are; marketing, sales and self development. We now have marketing strategies in place and clearly understand the sales process.

Thank you Tim for helping us take control of our business. 

Rod & Kath Caldow 
Nathalia Victoria.



I am please to say that you have touched my life and made learning a whole lot more fun, exciting and focused on getting the end result! You have inspired me to become an outstanding business owner. If I can become only half of what you inspire me to be I will have a fantastic life!

Emerson Patton
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Dale ,

I found it really difficult to just mention the 1 thing you have helped me be honest I don't think I would still be in business if you hadn't been on the end of the phone believing in me and my abilities and encouraging me to believe in myself. You helped me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and picked me up when I was at my lowest point for which I am truly grateful. My business has turned around in the last four months and I am a far more positive and confident person, you have helped to put the smile back on my face - I just wish I had contacted you three months sooner!

Julie Wagstaff
Kettering, United Kingdom


Thanks for helping us achieve a knowledge of the DISC program and what DISC profiles we are. With this information we are able to communicate with our staff because we understand what there DISC profile is. We did not think it was possible to work with our staff to the degree that we are.

John & Debbie Elford
Ballarat, Australia


You were an inspiring presenter & motivator…a good drinking buddy too!

Tom Studer
Florida, USA

Tim James and I have been working on my business for about four months. With his guidance and advice I have implemented many new strategies and ideas to enhance the service I give to my clients as well as improve my bottom line.
I realise now most small business owners experience similar difficulties and challenges as I do. I don’t need to re-invent everything; there is a proven path to building a successful business that I can follow. Having a business consultant has taken much of the guess work out of running my business.
With Tim’s support I have the courage and confidence to open doors and go where I would not have ventured by myself. His wealth of strategies and his friendly and open communication style continues to help me grow and challenge myself.
I will never be without a mentor as long as I own a business. Having a mentor not only speeds up your rate of learning, you also get so much more out of yourself.
I can’t recommend it enough.
Katja Miles
SureSlim Bendigo

Dale, Self Belief. That any thing is possible if you truly believe in it… This is what has made all the difference to us as we move forward with our businesses.

Vincent Lutjohn &Karen Pohlner

A few words on how Dale has helped me achieve more that just 1 thing, but several things from a personal perspective...

Her I am a 45 year old guy going to Las Vegas to embark on training for a new franchise that I have brought. In 19 years of marriage I have never been apart from my wife for more than two nights, never traveled overseas, never embarked on any personal development and never felt the need to personally stretch myself. Pointing out at this stage that I am far from soft and have had four very successful businesses that have succeeded by hard work and simply doing it.

So for four of the eleven days of training we are taken by Dale as the solo instructor. So here I am thinking this guy from Ballarat is having such an influence over our group consisting of 3 Aussies, 1 Irishman, 6 Englishmen, 6 Americans and a guy from Portugal. All of these people are without doubt high achievers in their fields and were changed forever by this Aussie bloke.

So how can this be? From this I soon learnt that by being passionate, true to yourself, exercising respect for others and a belief in your abilities, seemed to be some of the keys that were making this happen. Subconsciously yet immediately Dale became the role model on how I have changed my belief structure to understand the huge potential that lay beneath my surface.

Please accept that this has come from the heart.

Yours truly

Ray Strongman
Mt- Martha, Victoria, Australia


The 1 Key learning that you assisted me with was the cutting some very old and very limiting anchors in my life. You ran an exercise where we wrote down what was holding us back and then asked us to rip them up. So simple yet it gave me incredible clarity of where some limitations were.

Andrew J Macdonald
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Dale Coutts has served as a mentor to me over the past 18 months.
Dale has passion that shows in everything he does and is very driven to make a difference to every person that he comes in contact with.

Dale has had a profound affect on my life by making me realise that there is nothing that I cannot achieve.
He has made me realise that if you are passionate about what you are trying to achieve then set your goals and let nothing stand in your way of achieving them.
I have learnt through Dale to be a stronger person, be responsible for my own actions and always strive for excellence.
I certainly have Dale to thank for part of my success in business, as an owner, Property investor, husband and father.
Dale has certainly made a difference to my life.

Tim James
Bendigo, Victoria


You were instrumental in my development as a business owner and coach. When I didn’t believe I could have my business work, Dale, you provided the inspiration, compassion and “no holds barred” stand for me to see how powerful I am, enabling me to produce breakthroughs in communication and my capacity to create a life of abundance.

With Love,

Paula J. Hofmeister
Scottsdale, Arizona

We had been operating for 15 months.  We had many ideas and avenues to pursue, were time challenged and oblivious as to the effectiveness of our advertising whilst outlaying a considerable amount.
A list of what needed to be done was created with time frames set.
Through Tim we were able to focus on what is important:
– setting up our procedures
– sales presentations
– trial & analysis of our advertising
Trial & analysis would be the most important strategy in place – spending money on advertising without this in place saw us throwing money away.
Once these practices were in place we moved to the next phase on our “to do” list.
Finding a balance between each aspect of our business is difficult – through Tim we are able to keep on track.
Tim looks at our business from the outside in and is able to offer suggestions that would not have occurred to us.
We now know what our vision & mission are and also our goals.  We have set our business apart from others – we are unique in the service we offer.  Tim has provided inspirational and motivation based books for reading and also daily routine to boost confidence in tackling the challenges we face.
We have a clear direction not just for tomorrow but also into the future.
Our advertising, business cards, letterheads, etc are designed to be an advertising tool giving every opportunity to get the message out into the market.
We highly recommend Tim to any business.  Tim will set the business in the right direction from the outset saving both time and money. 
Jill Barker
Bendigo Australia


The 1 Thing that you taught be was BELIEF… Dale presented to around 150 of us at a Global Conference 2 years ago, his topic was “You are better than you think you are”. He was right!!. He inspired me to believe in myself and take action on a number of different fronts. He spoke with such clarity and direction that I was encouraged to the point that I too got clarity and direction.

Dale, thanks so much for the opportunity to have worked with you, you touched more people that you will ever know.

Simon Harris
Sydney, Australia

The 1 thing that Dale Coutts has helped me achieve that I thought was not possible?

The level of Self-Awareness that I now have.

I am vastly more aware of my behaviour, my strengths, my weaknesses and most importantly, my possibilities as a result of listening to, working with and generally knowing Dale.

…..and I am 100% sold on the expression: “To know and not to do, is the same as not to know”.

Paul Henshall - Managing Director
Georgelle Nominees P/L
Victoria, Australia

Dale you helped me when I was really down and thought that I could not continue.

I dusted myself off and got up and things are starting to happen again,

Thanks for being there.

Brendan Ringwood,
Dublin, Ireland.


You have always been inspirational to me in the way that you conduct yourself and with the confidence you show. You help me become aware of "how" other people view me and to be aware of the image I want to portray. I have never lacked self confidence or belief, however you did help me to channel it in such away that it keeps me real and focused on the prize.

Thanks ,

Shayne Jaenisch
Adelaide SA

Hi Dale,

“Thank you for helping me take on my fear of public speaking. Having me stand in front of and speak to over 200 of my fears was a real break through. Since then I have presented dozens of times to all sized groups without ever having the same fear…once again thank you.”

Gary B
Victoria,  Australia.


The 1 thing that you have assisted be with is - Belief in myself…
By drawing on this belief I have been able to overcome a number of personal and professional challenges and achieve a level of success that, prior to meeting Dale, I thought would be out of reach.
You might not love him, you might even think you hate him (at first...I did) but do yourself a favour, listen to him, let him help you be the best you can be!


Chris Clarke
Chelmsford, England


I just wanted to write and thank you helping me build my business from the ground up. When I became self employed I was a salesman and only a salesman. I am becoming more of a businessman with a profitable, systemised and organized company by the session.


Hayden Hill
Victoria Australia

I just wanted to thanks for your assistance and working with me. I went from managing a business with 3 employees and revenue of $7mil to a team of 10 and revenue of close to $50mil. Every issue experienced in the smaller business was increased exponentially and I needed to re evaluate my priorities and effectiveness as a leader in the business.
Thanks to you and FKM Global for introducing me to the “Default Diary”. From this I have not looked back – I was able to step back from the business and look in, understand in my mind where I needed to spend my time, rate them in priority and commit to it. This strategy significantly increased my productivity and effectiveness allowing me to gain a much better insight into the business as I was consistently focusing on the things that were important to helping the business grow. I was also able to utilize these tools with my team.

I also appreciate your openness and feedback to the various situations that arise. You have assisted greatly in reassuring me with my decision making ability.
Thanks again Dale and I looked forward to a continued association with FKM Global.
Mike Connelly
Melbourne AUS.



 Thanks for the spreadsheet - will work on that later this week. 

Post conference I did have a look at our Frequent Buyer scheme and I found that we were giving away in excess of $22,000 pa in discounts - many of which were being processed by our counter staff with no marketing benefit being extracted, I have now adjusted the scheme so that it is far more targeted and with some re-education of our front counter staff I am sure we will garner far more marketing benefit at a revised projected cost of less than $9,000 pa. So thanks for the prompt to review our systems - that one alone has saved me over $13,000 pa, well worth a few days break in Port Douglas.

Richard NZ



Earlier this year I engaged the services of Dale Coutts of FKM as a business coach and mentor for my building company. In that time he has helped me to put in place systems for our workplace, HR resources, marketing strategies, KPI targets and implementing a sales system. Dale has been a breath of fresh air to my company with his enthusiasm, professionalism and attitude towards helping me to achieve my goals. His objectives are clearly to help me improve. We recently were awarded the Trade Business Award for the CGU awards in Ballarat. Without the guidance I have had from Dale our business would not have presented as well as it did for the judging panel. For this I cannot thank him enough.

Dave Gordon


After being self employed for the past 23 years  I have faced many challenges.

NUMBER ONE : The most common and stressful problem is employing the right person for the right role. I must say how impressed I am by how Dale has this down to such a fine process that you really must be careful what you wish for. Very well done Dale I am not only very pleased I am impressed. The system is also terrific for understanding yourself and current staff interaction.  

NUMBER TWO:   Systems to improve the bottom line. Dale has a very good knack of respectfully bringing the roles people play to  progress to where they should be very quickly with simple systems and this had in my business a significant impact on my bottom line with in the first couple of months.

NUMBER THREE: ENERGY INJECTION: Dale’s “action personality “ is infectious and the team do not want to disappoint by not having the tasks done on time. This is conveyed in a very respectful and proactive manner.

 Well done Dale and we look forward to more in the coming months.

When I started working for my employer in 2007, one of my ‘induction’ meetings was with Dale. As my previous employment has involved limited client contact in very controlled situations, Dale’s tasks included assisting me in gaining skills in dealing with our clientele directly, to build confidence in my own skills in both normal and high pressure situations and to maximise my efficiency within the office. I’ll admit that at first, I was dubious. Six years later, I am a partner in an accounting practice and a firm believer in the skills Dale brings to the fore not just for the help he provide me as an employee, but for the ongoing assistance he provides my business partner and myself as we grow our practice to ever increasing levels of excellence each year. I credit much of my professional growth to Dale and know that our firm would not be where it is without him. I would, and do, highly recommend his services to anyone who is in business and either in need of a guiding hand, or looking to take themselves to the next level - you will not regret your decision to have a chat with this man! Tracey Hunter, Tinworth Business Solutions – written 10th October 2013

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