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Our Charter 

  • The charter will be owned, known and energized by every team member.
  • Remember…We are ladies and gentlemen, assisting ladies and gentlemen.
  • Our 3 steps of service will be practiced by every team member.
  • Always act professionally in every aspect of the business. Do not compromise yourself or the business
  • Communication needs to be open & honest regardless of the situation
  • Smile and be positive…we are all on stage. Put a smile into your voice
  • Use the proper vocabulary with your clients
  • Create a positive work environment. Practice teamwork at every possible opportunity
  • Be an ambassador for the business inside and outside the workplace. Always talk positively. No negative comments
  • Any employees who receives a complaint, owns the complaint
  • Use client feedback as a way to make our business grow and become even more unique. Report all complaints immediately.
  • Be knowledgeable on company information so as to satisfy client requests
  • Use proper telephone etiquette;
  • Ask permission to transfer
  • Ask permission to put on hold
  • Do not screen calls
  • Always recommend company products and services before recommending outside services
  • Dress and presentation standards are to be immaculate
  • Every team member has the right to work in a safe environment and should feel comfortable in communicating unsafe conditions or situations
  • Protecting the assets of FKM Global is the responsibility of every team member
  • Work with peoples strengths to benefit the entire business
  • Your weaknesses should not be an excuse for not doing

  • Commitment, attention to detail and follow-up will be traits that every team member displays

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